Become part of A Winning Team!

Whatever your current job or profile, you’ll become part of a truly winning Team, ours. You’ll become part of a team that puts quality, Clients and people at the very core of its values.
We are looking for open-minded, curious people in order to grow together.
Are you looking for a job you can be passionate about? Do you think you are the right candidate for us? Become part of our Team!

You’ll make a difference!

With us you will be able to face new challenges every day and constantly go beyond your limits. The secret of our competitive advantage is the result of the efforts of all the people working in our Team. Every day we all do our best with the utmost commitment, enthusiasm and dedication. We will help you grow professionally and develop your skills and abilities, so that you’ll able to work independently and reach ambitious goals. Come work with us, create quality and added value for our clients and make a difference!

Grow to your full potential!

Our knowledge and career planning and developing programs are our way of investing in the future. Our professionals’ stories are the best proof of our commitment in helping them develop their full potential.

Moving ahead in your career

Whether you are new in the field or an established professional, we will design for you and with you a specific training program in order to quickly integrate in your new Team.
After a thorough analysis of your skills and potential, we will draw up a career development plan with challenging goals, specific project work, dedicated training and coaching sessions.

If you are a young graduate eager to enter the profession, start your professional career with us; if, on the other hand, you have already had some significant experience, you will be able to take full advantage of the know-how you have acquired and to take on leadership roles, further developing your professional skills.

The selection process

Initial screening
The initial screening is done based on the information from your CV, matching it with our current needs.

We focus in particular on:

Any specialisation courses
Foreign languages mastered
Any professional experience

Telephone interview

We will than call you and explain our offer in order to see if you match our requirements. If you are in line with our needs, we will schedule a first meeting to get to know each other in person.

The first selection interview

The first selection interview will be carried out with one of our Managers in order to check your skills, abilities and know-how and to let you know more about our organisation.

The second selection interview

If you are selected for a second interview you will meet our staff professionals in order to further analyse the profile we are looking for, together with the required skills and abilities.

Final selection and feedback

We will get back to all candidates involved in the selection process in order to let them know our final decision. The other candidates will receive an email, whereas the successful candidate will be contacted directly to define the employment details.


Our Team values your knowledge and abilities, but we also give particular importance to your transversal skills, such as team work and ability to work towards objectives. This is why we focus so much on training: we would like you to develop both your personal and your professional skills.

We constantly engage with our staff to identify specific areas that could benefit from additional training. Our training will focus both on technical skills and also on social, leadership and methodological abilities, without which the technical skills cannot be used at their best.

We provide training using different and integrated settings (classroom, e-learning, coaching) as well as innovative methodologies.


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